10 Modern Boho Living Room Ideas to Make Your House Guests Jealous

If you’re feeling like a free-spirited soul trapped inside an uninspiring interior, these modern bohemian living room ideas are just what you need to reignite your eclectic spirit. Renowned for its wild patterns, bold colors, and varied textures, boho interior design is an excellent choice for anyone who considers themselves a gypsy at heart.

Top 10 Ways to Boho Your Living Room

Despite what your initial impressions might tell you, achieving the bohemian look in your living room isn’t as difficult as it appears. The following are some of our most favorite boho living room design and décor ideas to help get you started with your bohemian transformation:

#1 – Woven Wall Hangings

Some of the most popular wall decorations used in bohemian-inspired living rooms are woven hangings. Natural texture plays a key role in creating visual interest within a boho interior, so select wall hangings created from rich, bulky materials like wool and cotton. These Sedona-style wall hangings form a stunning focal point that adds a soft, sculptural touch to any boho living room.

#2 – Terracotta Soft Seating

Burnt-orange, terracotta-colored seating with soft, velvety textures like those featured below add warmth and coziness to any bohemian living area. Rich, earthy tones like this are commonly seen throughout bohemian interiors, allowing you plenty of freedom to mix and match with your favorite boho accents and accessories.

#3 – Plush Floor Poufs

Bohemian design is all about the unconventional, which is why floor seating is so popular in boho-style living rooms. Add some plush floor poufs for extra seating and an irresistibly laid-back vibe in your living space. For some added depth and visual interest, consider poufs with interesting textures, patterns, or colors.

#4 – Textured Throw Pillows

Accentuate your terracotta sofa with textured throw pillows in interesting colors and patterns. Find opportunities to create cohesion by choosing pillows that contain colors, patterns, or textures present in other furnishings and accessories throughout your interior.

#5 – Hanging Lights & Pendants

String lights make a great addition to any bohemian interior, but a vintage chandelier or jute pendant light can work just as nicely. Hanging light pendants make a great statement piece, and provide additional opportunities for you to bring natural textures into your space.

#6 – Rattan Fixtures & Furnishings

Rattan fixtures and furnishings add an exotic warmth to your interior, perfect for unleashing your inner bohemian. Whether it’s a bar cart or coffee table, finding that rattan accent piece to complete your look is a must for anyone hoping to master the art of boho decorating.

#7 – Boho Artwork & Prints

When it comes to the artwork for your boho style living room, choose pieces that depict nature, plants, flowers, or people. Abstract artwork that matches your overarching color scheme can also work well in living rooms such as these.

#8 – Playful Patterned Rugs

Whether it’s Southwest tribal or Oriental, adding a bold, patterned rug to your space is a must for any boho decorator. Choose rugs with interesting geometric patterns, rich natural textures, or bold colors that match those used throughout your interior color scheme.

#9 – Multicultural Accessories & Accents

The key to pulling off the bohemian design style is giving off the impression of being a world traveler (even if you’ve never left your childhood hometown). Shop around for items that look as though they’ve come from faraway lands when selecting the accessories and accents that will find their homes in your living room. Think antique, multicultural finds with distressed finishes when making your selections.

#10 – Warm, Natural Wood

Along with rattan, natural wood should largely comprise the materials used in your living room fixtures and furnishings. Warm, gently weathered-looking woods work best in boho interiors. Again, create cohesion by making sure all the wooden selections you make are relatively similar in tone.

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