5 Best Contemporary Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Designing an interior in the contemporary style can be a challenge if you’re not sure what items fit the bill for contemporary interior design. Thankfully, We Are Stellar Designs takes some of the guesswork out of achieving this interior style by having professionals hand-select items that pair well together for you. Still, it’s helpful to understand the basics and know where to start when beginning your home transformation.

To help make life even easier, our team put together a list of the five best contemporary interior design tips and tricks for your home. Read on to find out what they are and what we have in store to help you complete the look like a pro!

Tips for contemporary interior design

First Things First: What’s Considered Contemporary?

Before we dive into the different ways you can achieve a contemporary home interior, it’s important to first understand what contemporary interior design is. Originating in the late 1900’s, contemporary interior design is a term applied to interiors that are “of the moment.” This sophisticated style employs curvy clean lines, minimalism, and neutral colors, valuing both form and function in furniture and fixtures equally.

There are many different ways to incorporate contemporary interior design into your living space. Homes and apartments in urban areas tend to pull this look off more easily, fitting in well when juxtaposed against the rugged cityscape; however, the contemporary style is suitable for just about any interior space.

Top 5 Tips for DIY Contemporary Interior Design

#1 – The Color Palette

Contemporary design is all about keeping things clean and serene while adding visual interest through texture, art, and accessories. As such, the base color scheme is usually neutral, with most contemporary interiors featuring white walls with accents of black, gray, and beige throughout. To keep the aesthetics vibrant and interesting, some may choose to include pastel shades of blue, pink, or green within their color palette.

#2 – The Texture

In a contemporary interior, a neutral color palette doesn’t mean that these spaces are boring or basic. To compensate for the monochromatic color scheme, contemporary designers often include interesting textures in the furnishings and fixtures seen throughout the space. Finding ways to incorporate creative dichotomy in the design through different textures is a great way to keep the environment fresh while still adhering to the “rules” of contemporary interior design. For instance, one might pair a cool, steely light fixture alongside a velvet sofa to create a sense of depth and style.

#3 – The Curve Appeal

Clean, curved lines are the name of the game in contemporary interior design, which is why we aptly named our collection “Curve Appeal.” When shopping for pieces to pull of the contemporary look, it’s important to think outside the box and find items that are unexpected, asymmetrical, and compelling. Take a look at some of the items in our Curve Appeal collection to get a better sense for what we mean:

1. Eva Blush Velvet Sofa

This stunning statement piece features intricate details, sloping silhouettes, and soft, sumptuous velvet upholstery for a truly Hollywood-glam take on the contemporary style.

2. Nonove Coffee Table

The unique, curled shelving design of this contemporary living room table simply exudes contemporary style.

3. Arthur Blush Table Lamp

Part table lamp, part art accessory, this table lamp takes the marriage between form and function to a whole other level!

4. Button Gold Mirror

With its sleek iron base and linear metal accents, this mirror is equal parts looking glass and looking good.

#4 – The Simplicity

One thing you’ll notice across all contemporary interiors is an emphasis on minimalism. A contemporary interior is never cluttered, keeping well-balanced and in its place. For this reason, it’s common for these spaces to feature plenty of organizational shelving and multi-purpose furniture. Contemporary interiors are also heavily reliant upon an open floor plan, making the need to remain clutter-free especially important as your house guests get a holistic view of your home all from one vantage point.

#5 – The Light Fixtures

While great lighting is a must for all homes, contemporary interiors are particularly bright and airy. Featuring white walls, large, unobstructed windows, and plenty of lighting fixtures, contemporary spaces take advantage of lighting wherever they can get it. Pendant lights and high-hanging sconces make great addition to such interiors, especially since these items are great for creating strategic negative space for a more open feel.

Bonus Tip – Shop the Curve Appeal Collection!

Now that you know what to look for, know where to look: We Are Stellar Designs offers all the home décor you’ll need to master the contemporary look all on your own. Explore our Curve Appeal collection to bring sophisticated simplicity to your interior space today!