10 Boho Bedroom Ideas

Known for its relaxed, lived-in vibe and unparalleled individuality, few design styles are better-suited for the bedroom than bohemian interiors. If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a boho paradise, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s much easier to do than it might seem. The number-one rule to this decorating style is that there are no rules, giving you the freedom to mix and match patterns, colors, textures, and textiles to your heart’s content.

Not sure where to get started? We’ve got you covered: Check out these top 10 bohemian bedroom ideas to help you get inspired!

#1 – Warm Woods & Wovens

One of the easiest ways to bring boho vibes to your bedroom is by including warm, woody accents and woven materials throughout your furnishings. Whether it’s rattan, oak, or bamboo, the all-natural finish on your shelving, bed frame, nightstand, and other furnishings will assume the role of a secondary color in your design palette. Capitalize on the cohesion by opting for wooden or all-natural materials in the same tone, complementing the raw materials with either brightly-colored, patterned textiles or neutral, heavily textured accents.

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#2 – Old-World, Vintage Finds

The most iconic characteristic of the boho interior style is its eclectic choice of accessories. Old-world, vintage finds that one might discover rummaging through a thrift store are often what give interiors a truly bohemian feeling. Even if the accessories weren’t purchased at a flea market in Bali on your most recent trip around the world, the point is for them to look the part.

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#3 – Lively, Leafy Greens

If there’s one thing more important than old-world charm in a bohemian bedroom, it’s plenty of greenery. Including a variety of plant life in your bedroom’s design will not only add depth and visual interest, but live plants also play an active role in clearing your breathing air so you can sleep more peacefully at night. Even if you don’t include live plants in your boho bedroom, you can still achieve the look with lifelike faux plants or art prints that feature leafy greens.

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#4 – Earthy, Neutral Tones

With warm woods, natural materials, and leafy greens comprising much of our advice thus far, it should come as no surprise that boho bedrooms largely rely on earthy, neutral tones in their color scheme. Think matte taupes, mustard yellows, navy blues, and deep browns when dreaming up your bohemian bedroom design. (Pro Tip: The best place to start is with a plain white, simple base as your canvas.)

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#5 – Bright, Bold Colors

While warm, earthy tones act as the backdrop for most boho interiors, it’s not truly bohemian without a pop of bold, bright color to break up the monotony. Rich, jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, aquamarine, and deep magenta are popular choices for throw pillows, rugs, and other decorative accents in a bohemian space.

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#6 – Textiles & Textures Galore

When creating your bohemian style bedroom, select tactile items rich in natural texture. Rattan, jute, cotton linen, macrame, wool, and other natural fibers are mainstays of boho interiors, so don’t be afraid to layer up on different textiles and textures throughout your space. In fact, the more varied and dichotomous the materials you select, the more visual interest you’ll ultimately create.

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#7 – Midwest & Modern

If you’re doubting whether or not the boho vibe will be too much of an overhaul for your modern, moody interior, we’re here to put your worries to rest: Dark-colored or sleek, black walls pair nicely with warmly weathered leather, faux fur, and tribal accents commonly seen in bohemian bedrooms. Introducing the boho vibe to your modern interior will give your bedroom feel delightfully midwestern in all the right ways.

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#8 – Let There Be Light

Boho interiors are well-suited for plenty of natural lighting, so refrain from using heavy curtains to block out the sun in your bedroom. Instead, consider soft white linens for the drapes around your windows. If you don’t have many windows, add a hanging chandelier to give your room the extra light and character it needs!

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#9 – The Great Wall

An easy way to achieve the bohemian look without much effort is by creating a centerpiece using one of the walls in your bedroom. Create an eclectic art gallery or select a large tapestry to act as the focal point for your room. Decorate cohesively by choosing items that match the color scheme of your selected centerpiece to keep your quirky interior from wandering off into the chaotic.

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#10 – Playful Patterns

Be it Moroccan mosaics, Persian-inspired rugs, or eclectic quilts, playing with different patterns is one of the key elements of any bohemian interior. The boho style lends itself easily to mixing and matching different patterns that might not normally mesh well together. Rather than worrying about whether or not this piece will match perfectly with that one, boho decorators can rejoice in the comfort of knowing that their interior spaces are meant to be a hodge-podge of the unconventional and daring.

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