Get Inspired: The Encanto Home Decor Collection

Get the Casa Madrigal Look with the Encanto Home Decor Collection!

Receiving a Golden Globe Award in 2022 for Best Animated Feature Film, Disney’s Colombian-based animated musical Encanto won the hearts of its viewers largely due to its stunning visual effects for the modeling of the magical Casa Madrigal. The family’s supernatural dwelling stood out for its eye-catching design, high-saturated colors, and rustic charm.

If you’re like most viewers, you probably looked around your own home after the movie ended wondering who drained the world of color. Not to worry — our team is here to bring the bright, bold, and beautiful back to your interior space with our Encanto-inspired home décor collection!

Key Elements of the Casa Madrigal Design

In the movie, the magical and colorful Casa Madrigal (aka Casita) was gifted to the Madrigal family through a mysterious candle. The three-story square building encloses the ceiling-less courtyard at its heart, featuring many small balconies on the outer walls. Built in the traditional Colombian style, this home is largely characterized by the following key design elements:

  • Rustic Features: Furniture and fixtures featuring warm woods and natural materials are seen throughout the Casita.
  • Bright Colors: The Casa Madrigal wouldn’t be the same without its vivacious pops of color.
  • Bold Accessories: Each room of the Casita reflects the specific personality of its inhabitant, making bold, personalized accessories a must for the Encanto design.
  • Florals & Patterns: Similar to the way boho interiors layer in different textures and patterns, the Casita draws in viewers with its varied florals and wild designs.

How to Bring Encanto Design Elements to Your Casa

While it’s impossible to have an enchanted house with the ability to magically transform based on your personality, it’s not impossible to replicate the Casa Madrigal’s beauty in your own home. The key to recreating Encanto’s Colombian atmosphere is accessorizing with:

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows have a large impact on the room they live in, and these brightly-colored pillows truly make a statement. These bold throw pillows incorporate the leafy greens and playful colors similar to the patterns seen on Dolores’ dress in the movie. If your style is more earthy and subdued like Pepa and Felix, you’ll find our Encanto collection features plenty of mustard yellows and natural tones better-suited to your personality.


Of course, we can’t possibly talk about colors and patterns without mentioning rugs. This Unique Blook Lake Penrose Rug can immediately transform just about any home interior into a dreamlike Casita with its intricate patterns and bursts of color. Want an even bolder look for your room? Consider this teal, tiger-shaped rug inspired by the Casa Madrigal. While Antonio would never walk on his animal friends, we still think any animal lover would adore this vibrant, skillfully woven addition to their living space.


Who isn’t a fan of poufs? These cozy cushions make an excellent addition to any living room. Consider the Textured Yellow Round Pouf featuring a chunky-knit weave for added texture and a hint of worldly inspiration. The Moody Floral Velvet Pouf will bring a breath of fresh air to any room with its beautiful floral patterns, brilliant color tones, and plush, velvet upholstery. Isabella would truly appreciate the flowery nature of this gorgeously-designed pouf.

Wall Art

One of the strongest themes throughout the movie is the presence of mariposas (butterflies), representing the source of magic in the film. Butterflies are everywhere throughout Encanto, from the Casita’s kitchen to Mirabel’s dress. Bring these beauties into your own home in true Casa Madrigal style with this Papillion Li Framed Art piece. The combination of vibrant colors and playful design give off serious Mirabel Madrigal vibes. Check out more art prints, artwork sets, and wallpapers in the collection online!

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Home accessories are the cherries on top of every successful interior design composition. Not only do they help make the space appear whole and complete, but they communicate your unique, personal style all the guests who step inside — just like the magical Casa Madrigal.

Find the Encanto-inspired home décor that speaks to your personal style by shopping the We Are Stellar Designs Encanto collection online today!