How to Create a Modern Industrial Living Room

Creating a modern industrial style living room can be a challenge if you’re not sure where to start. After all, the term “industrial” doesn’t exactly bring thoughts of comfort and hominess to mind: How can you bridge the gap between cold, crisp industrial style and warm, welcoming comfort?

The truth is, striking the balance between sleek, function-focused design and inviting relaxation isn’t as difficult as it may sound. To help you get a better understanding of how to create the perfect modern industrial style living room, our team put together a list of the top five best industrial-style living room ideas for your interior transformation!

Top 5 Modern Industrial Living Room Ideas

#1 – Open Layout

When redesigning your living room in the modern industrial style, the first thing you need to do is open up the area. Spacious interiors are a must-have, so it makes sense to choose an open layout for your home. It’s also important to keep in mind that the modern industrial style focuses on minimalism, so find opportunities to let the infrastructure of your space speak for itself, leaving room for you to add contrasting elements later.

#2 – Unique Lighting

Yet another iconic characteristic of industrial-style living rooms is high ceilings. While cathedral ceilings aren’t always possible, a modern industrial decorating master can give the illusion of increase vertical space simply by choosing unique lighting fixtures. Light globes hung with wire, stage lighting, and pendant lights with metal finishes and creative details are all perfect for achieving this exact result.

#3 – Warehouse Vibes

It’s common for modern industrial living rooms to have visible metal beams, ducts, and pipes in order to give them a true warehouse vibe. Sleek metals and rich woods blend together throughout the space to create a delightful dichotomy that enhances your living room’s visual depth. When reimagining your living area in the industrial style, choose metal, iron, and wooden furnishings that highlight your existing exposed architecture. Select more of these pieces if your current infrastructure is lacking the innate factory feel you’re longing for in your home. Metal and pipe shelving and tables make particularly great additions to modern industrial living areas.

#4 – Brick & Concrete

Concrete and brick are some of the most common materials used throughout a modern industrial interior space. Floors and ceilings are typically concrete while brick walls make up the majority of industrial interiors. If your existing space doesn’t feature such materials, consider adding an accent wall using faux brick vinyl wallpaper. This way, you can achieve the same aesthetic without having to invest in an expensive remodel.

#5 – Dark & Moody

Industrial interiors feature dark, dramatic color palettes that are sleek and pared-down. When redesigning your living room in the modern industrial style, choose just a few of the colors you like the best and stick with this throughout your design. Remember, industrial design isn’t just about minimalism in furnishings and fixtures — it’s also about minimalism in design in general. Rather than layering with pops of color and texture as one would see in the bohemian style, modern industrial interiors add depth and contrast by layering metal finishes in with the dark, moody palettes that are typically the hallmarks of industrial interiors.

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