How to Japandi Your Home in 2022

The Japandi style has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years, with many homeowners turning to Pinterest pros and Instagram stylists to get the lowdown on how to incorporate this trend in their living spaces. Our interior decorators are here to help show you the way to how you can achieve the perfect Japandi look in your home this year. Find out everything you need to know about decorating in true Japandi style by reading the blog below!

what is Japandi Style?

Combining the worlds of Japan and Scandinavia, Japandi style is a unique interior decorating trend that has steadily gained in popularity for its emphasis on minimalism, comfort, simplicity, and functionality.  So what is the Japandi style? It can be boiled down into the following key components:

  • Clean lines
  • Functional and minimal furniture and accessories
  • Uncluttered spaces
  • Natural materials
  • Neutral colors matched with black, white, or natural contrasting colors

In the next section, we take a deeper look into each of these elements and how you can incorporate them into your interior design.

Top 5 Tips to Japandi Your Home

In Japandi, Simplicity is Everything

One of the biggest things that Japandi lovers need to realize is that this style is more of a way of life than anything else.

“Minimalism is key, with a nice free flow to the room, when it comes to Japandi,” explains Lita Lee of Crave Interiors. If you’re someone who can’t commit to a clutter-free, simplistic lifestyle, Japandi style might not be the right choice for you.

Designers warn against confusing simplicity with “bareness,” however: Each piece in your Japandi collection must earn its place and serve its purpose, bringing meaning to your space. The goal should be to minimize the number of furnishings and fixtures by having them serve dual purposes — not to eliminate entire needs entirely as a way to empty up your environment.

Open It Up

While the Japandi style can be achieved in nearly any living environment, wide-open living areas with lots of natural light achieve the look more easily than more compartmentalized spaces. Openness and calm are staples of the Japandi style, making extra space and light important for those hoping to pull off the look.

If you’re dealing with a smaller-sized space, consider compensating by opting for low benches, armchairs, beds, and coffee tables to give yourself more vertical space. Low furnishings allow you to make the space look more open, but don’t go too crazy with the concept: You don’t want to end up tripping over your furniture in the long-run!

Quality Over Quantity

As we mentioned before, simplicity is key. That means you must be selective when choosing your furniture and décor. When selecting your pieces, try to choose those that serve multiple purposes, and that are thoughtfully and practically designed. Remember — you won’t have as many pieces throughout your living space, so it’s important that each one is able to meet your needs both stylistically and functionally.

Neutral Color Palette

Most Japandi interiors rely on a neutral color scheme. However, “neutral” doesn’t have to mean “beige and boring.” The key to making your neutral color palette stand out from the crowd is through strategically selected contrasting colors, as is commonly seen in the Japanese traditional style. Try matching the more subdued colors in your palette with dark greys, indigos, deep earthy tones, or black to add depth and intrigue to your surroundings.

Warning: Use darker colors sparingly and intentionally. Going overboard with the Dark Side can end up backfiring on your design plans quick!

Keep It Natural

When selecting your Japandi furniture and home décor, natural materials are of the utmost importance. Especially gently weathered, sustainable, eco-friendly pieces are those that best represent the true essence of Japandi interior design. While shopping, look for items that contain:

  • Iron
  • Marble
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Feathers
  • Linen
  • Hemp
  • Paper
  • Wool
  • Rattan
You’ll also want to incorporate plenty of houseplants and greenery throughout your space to drive home the feelings of peace and serenity.

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