5 Ways to Incorporate Rattan into Your Boho Interior

Gone are the days when rattan furniture could only find its home outside on the patio. Today’s boho interiors are seeing a huge comeback for this 70’s style material with many home decorators eager to find ways to incorporate rattan into their living spaces. From lighting and furniture to accessories and accents, here are five easy ways for you to style your bohemian-inspired home with rattan fixtures.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a natural material originating from a vine-like palm plant, and is used to make furniture, baskets, and other woven goods. Durable yet flexible, rattan can be woven and manipulated to fit a number of different shapes and sizes. While it’s most commonly used to create patio furniture due to its weather resistant properties, rattan is also used for interior furniture and fixtures as well.

Whether your look is more California coastal or Midwest boho, rattan brings a rich, tropical texture that suits many different interior styles. Its natural yet exotic beauty make rattan fixtures an excellent addition for those seeking to add warmth and depth to their living space.

The key to decorating with rattan, however, is not to go overboard with it. Otherwise, your home could quickly end up looking like a scene out of “That 70’s Show” (and not in a good, fun-loving kind of way). That’s why it’s best to stick to accent pieces when decorating with this material, such as light fixtures, headboards, coffee tables, and the like.

5 Ways to Decorate with Rattan

#1 – Light Pendants

Because rattan is so easy to weave and manipulate, it makes a great material for lamp shades and hanging pendants. Switch out your basic light fixtures with this all-natural alternative, and look for larger rattan pendants that can make an easy statement piece for your room.

Don’t have enough vertical space to pull off the pendant light? Grab a rattan basket and cut a hole at the bottom of it to use as a drum shade. Use a wireless puck light to place inside and voila — you just made your own rattan light fixture. Go you!

#2 – Bedroom Headboards

Adding a rattan headboard to your bedroom will provide a textured backdrop for your personal boho oasis. Not only are rattan headboard incredibly stylish, but they also give your bedroom a more complete, finished look. Tie it all together by adding in a few other rattan pieces (i.e. a nightstand or bench) and you’ll have yourself a perfect marriage of all-natural, woven textures.

#3 – Coffee Tables

Like we said before, it’s important not to go overboard with your rattan decorating. That said, you don’t have to replace all of your plush sofas and chairs with rattan-finished furnishings. Instead, compliment your existing furniture with accent pieces, such as end tables or coffee tables. This way, you can create a delightful dichotomy between the velvety textures of your existing seating and your all-new rattan décor in true bohemian style.

#4 – Accent Chairs

One of the most popularly used weave patterns in rattan style furniture is the caning technique. This multidirectional open-weave pattern harkens back to the ancient methods of furniture making, but is still wildly popular today. Find accent chairs featuring this caning technique to add an airy, ethereal appearance to your interior.

If you’ve added other rattan fixtures and furnishings throughout your home, create cohesion by opting for décor that falls within the same color family. It’s okay to mix and match the tones occasionally for added contrast, but it’s important to have some semblance of consistency to prevent against drifting off into the chaotic.

#5 – Natural Accessories

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate your home with rattan is by accessorizing with wall hangings, rugs, baskets, and other decorative accents. By adding smaller pieces into the space over time, you’ll be able to slowly integrate the material into your home without overdoing it. Most people opt for rattan baskets when decorating their interiors. Not only does this add warmth and texture, but it also offers more storage space so you can keep clutter-free.

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