Midwest Boho Interior Design: What It Is & How to Get the Look

Few interiors are as memorable or eclectic as those designed in the contemporary Midwest bohemian style. Easily recognizable by its multi-cultural mixture of dazzling patterns and artfully distressed fixtures, the boho look is one you simply cannot forget. But what exactly is it about this style that makes it so distinctive, and how can you achieve the look in your own home?

In this blog, We Are Stellar Designs breaks down everything you need to know about contemporary bohemian interior style and the key elements you need to include to capture the look just right.

Give Me the Short Version

  • Contemporary boho interiors got their roots from the 19th century bohemian artist movement in Paris, France.
  • Bohemian interior design is characterized by many different elements, including playful patterns, bright colors, and layered décor.
  • Bohemian homes should give the impression of having well-traveled and artistic owners, featuring antique trinkets and artistic treasures throughout.
  • Gently worn, well-loved pieces are the staples of contemporary Midwest boho interior design.
  • What is Contemporary Bohemian Interior Style?

    Harkening back to the 19th century in Paris, France, bohemian style was born out of the golden age of performers, poets, nomads, and artists who believed firmly in the value of creativity. Their rejection of everything orthodox inadvertently led to an interior design trend which is wildly popular still to this day.

    “Bohemian” is defined as a person who is socially unconventional and often involved in the arts, so it makes sense that boho interior style is renowned for its artistic, free-spirited vibe. Mainly comprised of carefree, textured layers, wild patterns, and bold colors, this interior style perfectly blends together sleek modern elements with boho-chic accents for a truly individual look.

    The Key Elements of Midwest Boho Interior Design Simple Base

    The key to creating the Midwest boho look in your home is starting with a simple base layer. Because bohemian interiors involve so much layering, starting out with a “busy” base is not recommended. By keeping the starting layer simple, you’ll give yourself more opportunities to play with patterns, colors, and textures without the final result being overbearing and loud.

    When selecting your starting base colors, we recommend choosing warm and earthy tones for your canvas. Muted base tones allow you to create a more harmonious, cohesive design as you saturate your neutral palette with bright, bohemian hues and bold patterns.

    Leafy Greens

    No boho interior is truly complete without plenty of plant life. Whether you choose to decorate with live greens or faux plants, adding greenery is a must when attempting to create the boho style in your own home. Hanging plants in particular offer a beautiful, fun way to add visual interest and depth to your space.

    Not only do plants promote relaxation and dimension, but they also offer unique décor opportunities as well: Select creative planters to add more personality to your plant life. From woven hanging baskets to ornate vases, there’s no limitation to the ways in which you can liven up your leafy greens.

    Playful Patterns

    One of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to achieve the bohemian interior look is by layering similar patterns. Remember: The number-one rule to boho style is there are no rules, so have fun mixing and contrasting with different patterns, shapes, sizes, and styles to create a delightful explosion of bohemian design.

    Okay, so maybe we lied about the “no rules” thing — when selecting your patterns, make sure to at least keep a consistent color theme running throughout. Otherwise, you could end up with a disjointed design vibe instead of a cohesive collection of colors and patterns. Since your base will be simple and neutral, opt for bolder, luxurious colors like burgundy, royal purple, or emerald green.

    Low-lying Furniture

    Similar to Japandi style interiors, Midwest boho furniture is typically closer to the ground. Low-backed sofas, plush poufs, and cozy throw cushions often comprise the seating arrangements in boho style spaces. If you’re adding floor seating to the area, be sure the look is complete with a comfortable rug topped with cushions of varying sizes, shapes, and styles. When choosing furniture, consider perusing your local antique shop to find well-loved, artfully worn furnishings for a more authentic bohemian vibe.

    Distressed Finds

    While you’re scoping out your local antique market, look out for other fixtures and accents that look as though they’ve lived a life before settling in your home. The boho style is all about well-loved, time-worn pieces that could have easily been hand-selected from a distant market in the most exotic parts of the world. Choose items that have personality, history, and mystery so every part of your room is able to communicate a unique, interesting story.

    Indulgent Maximalism

    Most interior designers will tell you “less is more,” but with the Midwest boho style, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than modern minimalism, bohemian interiors are characterized by maximalist indulgence. However, that’s not to say your interior space should be littered with meaningless items: All of your bohemian living décor should be carefully curated and bursting with personality. Place personal and art collections proudly on display, using your trinkets and treasures to decorate your space and tell your individual story.

    While showing off your hidden treasures is encouraged, it’s important to keep your home from looking like an episode of “Hoarders.” Make sure everything has its place and purpose, but enjoy the freedom of boho whimsy when placing your items around the room. Be creative with your canvas, and know when to pare it down to prevent from entering pack-rat territory.

    Bright Colors

    When it comes to bohemian interior design, the brighter and bolder the colors, the better! In particular, jewel tones tend to work best with the eclectic, multi-cultural patterns that comprise contemporary boho interiors. Think rich, deluxe tones that evoke feelings of comfort and creativity when choosing fixtures and furnishings to liven up your neutral base. For instance, we might pair this brightly overdyed, Moroccan-style rug with this playfully posh braided fringe pillow when putting together a contemporary Midwest boho interior:

    Metallics & Mirrors

    Along with brightly colored patterns, bohemian interiors often feature metallic and mirrored surfaces throughout. This is an especially strategic design move used in smaller spaces to give them the appearance of being larger. Not only that, but metallics and mirrors help add focal points to the room coupled with a sense of everyday elegance.

    Layered Looks

    As we’ve mentioned, layers are what make the bohemian style so iconic. From rugs and cushions to throws and textiles, don’t be afraid to make a statement by layering in different styles and patterns for your home décor.

    Layering doesn’t only offer a great way to show off your unique style, but it can also help you conceal the not-so-desirable furnishings and fixtures in your space. Cover that stained hardwood with a Persian-inspired rug and textured poufs, and no one will be the wiser to your less-than-perfect flooring.

    The more layers your bohemian interior features, the less likely you are to experience the space the same way twice. Each time you enter your contemporary boho space, a new color, texture, or pattern is sure to reveal itself in a new and inviting way!

    Artsy Accessories

    Once again, the key to pulling off the boho vibe is harkening back to its 19th century artist roots. The goal should be to look as though you are a well-traveled, artist type (even if you really aren’t). Choosing artistic accessories and multi-cultural pieces will add visual interest — not to mention the lively conversations they’re sure to spark from your house guests.

    When selecting artwork for your living area, choose those that are unorthodox and abstract in nature. Remember: A true bohemian always goes against the grain, so pick the pieces that stand out the most and make a lasting impression.

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