Top 10 Japandi Style Ideas Perfect for Your Home

The Japandi interior style is the perfect blend between cozy comfort and minimalist simplicity. Understanding the underlying influences behind the Japandi style is the key to unlocking the door to a completely restyled home. Once you know what Japandi is and where it comes from, incorporating it in your interior space is easy. To help dispel the mystery that is Japandi design, our team put together our top style ideas so you can decorate your home like a true interior artist. Let’s get started!

Our Top 10 Japandi Style Ideas

#1 – Neutral Color Palette

When choosing items to Japandi your home, it’s most helpful to start out with a color palette. Because of Japandi’s Scandinavian and Japanese roots, promoting peace and harmony in your design is of paramount importance. For this reason, neutral color palettes work best in spaces looking to emulate the Japandi style. Popular colors for Japandi home décor and furnishings include:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Navy
  • Taupe
  • Natural Wood Tones
  • #2 – Comfort & Function

    Both comfort and functionality are of equal importance when it comes to furniture selection for Japandi style homes. Consider pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as a floor lamp that doubles as a shelf or a bed frame with built-in drawers. Additionally, make sure that any furnishings you choose are soft and cozy to satisfy the Scandinavian side of your Japandi interior style.

    #3 – Simple & Natural

    Once again, minimalism and simplicity are at the core of Japandi style. As such, selecting items that fall in line with these principles means choosing those that are natural and sustainable. The following materials are some of the most common seen in Japandi fixtures and furnishings:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Seagrass
  • Rattan
  • Iron
  • Hemp
  • Wool
  • Feathers
  • Marble
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • #4 – Uncluttered & Clean

    When incorporating the Japandi style into your home, the importance of decluttering can’t be stressed enough. Keep clean and clutter-free by creating plenty of open space and investing in organizing storage systems for your home. Functional, space-saving cabinets can make your room appear more spacious while also helping you keep more organized. Additionally, low-lying beds and chairs can maximize the amount of vertical space in your area.

    #5 – Add Interesting Texture

    One of the fun things about Japandi design is that it encourages the inclusion of interesting textures. From authentic wooden planks and panels to ultra-soft, feathery pillows, incorporating suitable textures for the items in your home is a great way to add interest, depth, and vibrance to your space. Consider choosing wooden or woven furnishings coupled with natural linens and velvet throw pillows for a space that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort while adhering to the principles of using organic, sustainable materials.

    #6 – Choose Contrasting Colors

    A neutral color palette doesn’t have to be plain. Because Japandi combines the soft, light colors often seen in Scandinavian interiors with the dark, sleek hues iconic of Japanese design, creating interesting contrast for your space is not only easy to do — it’s encouraged!

    Not only can you create contrasts with colors, but you can also add intrigue by playing with the shapes of your furniture. Place a round ottoman next to a rectangular coffee table, or match your clean, open space with a truly striking art piece. Want to take your commitment to contrast one step further? Consider installing either light or dark hardwood flooring in your space.

    #7 – Feng-Shui Your Foyer

    Maybe Japandi isn’t a style you’re willing to commit to in all areas of your home — that’s okay. We recommend choosing your entryway as your gateway into Japandi interior design. A decluttered foyer doesn’t just make a great first impression on your guests, it’s also simple to incorporate and super stylish.

    Choose an accent credenza made of solid wood with bottom-level shelving for your out-the-door storage needs. Add some iron coat racks for your hats, jackets, and scarves as well to keep clutter at bay. Finish off the look with some Scandinavian art prints and a comfy, cotton rug and voila! Your foyer is officially the poster child for Japandi design.

    #8 – Let Light Flow

    Along with natural materials, Japandi style values natural light as well. For this reason, white walls with large windows tend to work well in Japandi-inspired spaces. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different shades of white throughout the design of your space, as this will only help improve the “natural” feel of the lighting in your home.

    #9 – Create Spa-like Luxury

    Another great place to start your foray into Japandi style is the bathroom: With so much emphasis on comfort, cleanliness, and calm, it makes sense that this interior style is so popular for powder rooms and master suites alike. Mix dark tiles with pristine white plumbing fixtures and ceilings while using dim overhead lighting to create a spa-like sanctuary right in your own home. Further accentuate your space by choosing a wooden bench, bamboo storage caddy, and timeless round mirror, and soon you’ll be feeling as though you’ve landed in the lap of luxury.

    #10 – Add Gorgeous Greens

    Nature wins again — Japandi interiors are known for incorporating plenty of plant life throughout the space. Japanese bonsais, bamboo, and succulents are popular choices for such living areas, especially when accentuated by terracotta clay pots, rattan and seagrass baskets, and wooden vases. However, just about any houseplant will help promote that sense of peace and calm that Japandi stylists crave.

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