What is Japandi? Japandi Design Style Explained

When you think of Japan and Scandinavia, chances are you don’t first contemplate all the similarities between these two cultures. But the blend between Japan and Scandinavian style has become wildly popular, forming the interior design style we now know as Japandi.

What exactly is Japandi style, you ask? Our interior design team breaks down the ins and outs of this rapidly growing style trend so you can become a wabi-sabi décor pro in no time!

What Does Japandi Mean?

Japandi is a hybrid between Japanese and Scandinavian design styles (Japan + Scandi = Japandi). Heavily influenced by the ancient Japanese philosophy “wabi-sabi” as well as the Scandinavian practice of “hygge,” Japandi style values slow-living, simplicity, contentment, comfort, and coziness above all else. Blending the smooth, modern lines typical of Scandinavian style with the sleek, functional elegance of Japanese aesthetic, Japandi is a minimalist yet warm and welcoming décor choice that works well in nearly any home.

What is Japandi Style?

The Japandi style is easily recognizable for its perfect marriage between simplicity and nature. As such, there are specific elements that you should look to incorporate when planning out your wabi-sabi-inspired living space.

Key Elements of Japandi Style:

  • Clean Lines: One of the biggest factors to Japandi style is the emphasis on cleanliness and order, so simple, clean lines are a must when selecting suitable furnishings and finishes for your interior.
  • Functional Furniture: Japandi style prioritizes purpose above all else, and as such, all furniture selected must be functional, comfortable, and minimal in nature.
  • Zero Clutter: Full stop. In a wabi-sabi environment, there’s a place for everything and everything remains in its place.
  • Natural Materials: Warm woods coupled with gently weathered furnishings and fixtures are what make the Japandi style so iconic.
  • Contrasting Colors: Matching pearl greys and sky blues with natural woods, stark blacks, and whites are common color schemes seen throughout Japandi décor.

Where to Buy Japandi Furniture?

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