What is Radial Balance in Contemporary Interior Design?

When speaking about interior decorating, you’ll almost certainly hear the term “balance.” Especially with contemporary interiors, radial balance is a type of strategy used when planning out how the space will ultimately come together. But what is radial balance and how is it achieved in contemporary interior design? Find the answers to these questions and more by reading the blog below!

What is Radial Balance?

In interior design, balance is defined as the “equal distribution of visual weight in a room.” There are three main types of balance that interior designers use when planning out their spaces: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. With radial balance, the goal is to arrange items around a central focal point extending either inward or outward. Good examples of radial balance include circular light fixtures or chairs centered around a table.

Why Does it Matter for Contemporary Interiors?

In contemporary interior design, curvature is key: Clean, curvy lines are a mainstay of contemporary furnishings and fixtures. As such, it makes sense that the planning process for contemporary interior design often relies so heavily on radial balance principles. Because contemporary interior spaces typically use art as accessories and vice-versa, there are plenty of opportunities for homeowners to bring radial balance to their spaces.

Spaces Where Radial Balance is Used Best

Finding ways to incorporate radial balance in your interior space can be tricky at first, but once you know where this principle works best, the hard part gets easier. Living rooms are great places to apply radial balance, using the coffee table as the central point and arranging sofas and armchairs around it for a cozy, social vibe. Dining rooms are also great places to apply radial balance: Choose a round dining table, statement rug, and pendant light to complete your contemporary design in radial fashion.

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